Our Summer, 2020 Worship Services will be virtual this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and physical distancing requirements.

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Outreach Committee Story: July 5, 2020

    Dexter is the single father of three busy children. He has been home, unemployed and scared since mid-March due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. His unemployment check was delayed due to clerical glitches, and he didn’t receive his first UI check until May 22nd. He has been going to any food pantry available to him, sometimes driving with his brother, sister and the kids almost 100 miles from his home. Money for gas for his car was running out. His UI check will help, but there is still a huge need in the community for food, toiletries, house goods and a supportive word. If you can give to the BMCC plate, we thank you. 50% of that money will reach those in need. We thank you for your commitment to supporting the Chapel Outreach mission.

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To those who pass by,

    To the citizen and the stranger,

        To the young and the old,

            To those who love Him

                And those who need Him,

                    This church offers,


                        In all its services,

                            AN OPEN DOOR

- Plaque on the Chapel wall

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