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Outreach News: BMCC Assistant Treasurer, Jerry Rutherford, presents Fr. Murphy of St. Bartholomew's Church in Old Forge a check with the free will offering collected at the Big Moose Community Chapel's Christmas Service.

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Dear Friends of the Big Moose Community Chapel,


The Chapel has seen many changes in the past two years, largely due to the COVID pandemic. We are also at a significant turning point as we seek new pastoral leadership, and anticipate the retirement of Reverend McCaughey and his wife Meredith who have confirmed that their time of service will end at the conclusion of next season, 2022.


With Dick’s retirement in mind, the Board of Trustees met recently via teleconference to discuss and agree on what events and activities should take priority in next summer’s schedule. There was unanimous agreement that hosting a grand celebratory event for the McCaughey’s would take precedence. 


Deciding to bring back the Chapel’s traditional Balsam Bee and Bazaar next summer was also on the agenda. After extensive discussion and thought, the trustees voted and approved to have a Balsam Bee, but not a Bazaar next summer. 


This decision was not made lightly, and resulted from a conversation that began in August at the Annual Trustee meeting. That discussion also included whether to move to a singular large event each summer with rotation between the Bazaar and the Balsam Bee and possibly one other event. The Chairs for the Bazaar and the Bee were given the opportunity to consult with their committees and provide input to the trustees before convening again for a vote. Other factors playing into the trustee’s decision, along with carrying out an event for the McCaugheys, include the limitations of time, energy and commitment on trustees and volunteers to implement multiple Chapel events and activities in addition to regular Sunday worship.


The trustees also voted on a recommendation from the Worship Committee that the Chapel hold a single 10:00 am service for the summer of 2022 only. This decision was made based on a declining attendance at the second service. In addition, consideration was placed on preserving Rev. McCaughey’s energy and speaking voice. 


I am sensitive to the fact that the changes I’ve outlined may be disappointing and difficult for some who have different views. It is especially hard for those who have long and deep bonds with the Chapel and its engrained traditions. I hope we can embrace the changes we experience in our engagement in Chapel life next summer, and those that follow. The Chapel will continue to unite us in the love, joy and fellowship we seek there as long as we make it so.

I am happy to accept comments or questions by email at




Sara Burrows, Trustee President 11/1/2021

To those who pass by,

    To the citizen and the stranger,

        To the young and the old,

            To those who love Him

                And those who need Him,

                    This church offers,


                        In all its services,

                          AN OPEN DOOR

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