A special message from our Board of Trustees president, Sara Burrows:

Hello Friends of the Chapel,

I pray you, your families and loved ones are staying safe and well in these uncertain times.  I write to remind you that your Chapel family is with you in love and spirit even while we’re apart.  It is more important now, in the midst of social distancing, to maintain connectedness with each other.  If you’re feeling isolated, lonely, anxious or stressed; remember your neighbor might be too.  Your neighbor is not just next door, but all of us in the Big Moose community too.  Reaching out to each other now may be just the thing to bring a lift to someone’s day.  Reaching out can take the form of a phone call, a text or email, a thinking of you card, a delivery of flowers or food, or an old fashioned letter. Of course, I look forward to another summer of Chapel services and events, but we have a lot to get through before then.  None of us know exactly how things will unfold, but our Chapel Board and leaders will inform you as we go.  In the meantime, reach out to a Chapel friend or two - find out how they’re doing - share some Big Moose stories.  If you’re in need of prayer, share your request at bigmooseprayer@gmail.com.  We are here for you.

Let’s keep our Chapel connection strong by remembering each other, and reaching out with love and care.

Blessings and prayers for wellbeing,

Sara Burrows
President, Big Moose Community Chapel



The Big Moose Community Chapel is a non-denominational church located on the south shore of Big Moose Lake.  It welcomes regular attendees from the Fulton Chain region of the Adirondacks, as well as people who are visiting friends and family in the area and those who are just passing through and looking for a place to attend church on a vacation Sunday.  We have a simple order of service explained in a bulletin that is handed out by ushers as you enter the Chapel.  People from all faiths find comfort and inspiration in our open and accepting approach to belief in God.  We have no dress code, and there are usually more sandals than ties in the pews.  


There are two Sunday services, at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m., from the beginning of July through Labor Day.  There are single services at 10:00 on the last two Sundays in June, and the last four Sundays in September.  We offer Sunday School during the first service of the main summer worship season.  

A Chapel choir is open to singers of all abilities.  The choir rehearses one hour before the beginning of worship.  The chapel also offers other programs including concerts and historical lectures, organizes an annual Bazaar and a semi-annual Guides' Dinner on the Chapel grounds.

The Chapel is on the National Register of Historical Places, and is widely recognized as a gem of Adirondack architecture.  It's exterior is an example of fine stonework by local masons, using rose-colored  granite mined just a few miles down the road towards Eagle Bay.  The interior is done entirely with panels of maple and cherry and beautifully hewn spruce beams and rafters cut out of the surrounding forest.  It is a very special place to put down your cares on a Sunday morning.


The Chapel is open for tours on Tuesday afternoons during most of the summer.  It is available during the summer season and early fall for weddings, baptisms, and memorial services for people with connections to the church and members of the public.

The Chapel has no formal membership, and operates without affiliation with any larger religious organization. It has drawn ministers from various Protestant denominations since it was established in the late 1920s.  It is self-governed by Board of Trustees drawn from those who attend services regularly.  Officers are selected at an Annual Meeting in late August.   We are connected to the needs of our community through an active outreach program including donations  to local social service organizations and volunteer work.  

​We also keep friends, neighbors, and other people connected to those who worship with us in our prayers.  You can make a confidential prayer request with an email to the Chapel's prayer group.  Click here for more information.

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To those who pass by,

    To the citizen and the stranger,

        To the young and the old,

            To those who love Him

                And those who need Him,

                    This church offers,


                        In all its services,

                            AN OPEN DOOR

- Plaque on the Chapel wall

Visit our events and announcements page for regular updates on what is happening at the chapel.  You can also sign up for e-mail newsletters here, and fill out a card in the entrance of the Chapel to be placed on our mailing list.

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