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Dear Chapel Community:                                                                                                September 5, 2022


     It's been a busy summer at the Chapel! We celebrated the retirement of Dick and Meredith McCaughey after 24 years of dedicated, loving service to the Chapel family. We ran a very successful Balsam Bee and pillow sale. Our Open Doors committee hosted varied and interesting programs. The Pastoral Search Committee delivered a report about Weston Williams to the congregation at the Chapel's annual meeting. After that presentation, Weston received a unanimous vote to be called as the 2023 summer minister of the Big Moose Community Chapel. These major events in the life of the Chapel required a tremendous amount of work. These events were in addition to the day to day work of worship life, community life and the financial health of the Chapel. It takes hard work and devotion to keep the "Big Moose Magic" alive and well.

     Special thanks to Sara Burrows for leading the way as president. (I have written a more formal "thank you" to Sara that will appear in this fall's newsletter.) We are so fortunate to have a very talented, dedicated, and hardworking group of trustees, committee chairs, and committee members. I hope, if you are not already involved in the volunteer life of the Chapel, you will consider it. We are entering an exciting new time in the history of the Chapel community and your involvement will enhance its growth. Please feel free to contact me to discuss how you might like to volunteer. (bigmoosechapel@gmail.com) Watch your Chapel emails for ways to get more involved, too. If you're not signed-up for emails, you can do so by clicking on the email link below.

If you are not already registered to receive USPS mail, please do so by emailing your address to Richard Widdicombe at richard.widdicombe@gmail.com. It's another way to stay in touch with Chapel life during the off-season. (There is a flyer posted below with this information.)


     I wish you all the best for the fall and winter!

"May God be with you till we meet again."


Susan Taylor

BMCC President of the Board of Trustees

A Special Historical Treat: Dick Williams, Chapel Historian, unearthed footage of the first BMCC Guides' Dinner in 1929. Thanks to modern technology, we are able to post the short, silent reel below. You will see preparations underway for a "mouth watering" supper, cars going by in the background on the Big Moose Road and long, banquet tables set up in the Chapel. Feel free to press "pause" frequently so that you can study each frame. You will also undoubtedly notice that the Chapel was under construction. (Earl Covey is highlighted carrying corn pots for the supper.) Click here to view. 

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