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Flowers in the Chapel

Flower arrangements decorate the Chapel at every service during the regular season, and at the annual Christmas service.  Flowers are sponsored in memory of loved ones, to commemorate special events, and to recognize things that we honor and value in our community, our nation, and the world.


Arrangements are made by a local florist, and delivered to the Chapel on Sunday morning.  Our florist needs to have all flower orders at least one week ahead of the service, so be sure to choose your date accordingly.


Those who donate flowers can leave them to decorate the chapel for the Tuesday afternoon tour, or, if there are multiple arrangements that Sunday, they can take them home.   If they choose to leave them, they will later be given to someone who needs cheering up or donated to a local business.

The cost of sponsoring a flower arrangement is $60.  To sign up for a particular Sunday, please follow these steps:

  1. Check the availability of dates in the tan box below

  2. There is a link below to be connected to our PayPal account where you can  pay by credit card or PayPal.  

  3. When you click through to PayPal, please use the drop down menu to select "Flowers". In the payment window, you will be able to select "Write a Note" to the Flower Committee chairperson to include the date of the Sunday that you would like and to create a dedication that will be read during the service.  (It's very important to remember to include the date that you would like in your note on PayPal. All orders need to be placed a week in advance of the Sunday Service you would like them.  Thank you.)


Please click here to be directed to our PayPal account 


If you have questions or special requests, please send a note to

Flower Donation Availability Dates
Summer, 2024

June 16 : 2 Vases Available              June 23 : 3 Available                      June 30 : 3 Available

    July 7 : 3 Available                              July 14 : 3 Available                       July 21 : 3 Available

  July 28 : 3 Available                               Aug. 4 : 3 Available                    Aug. 11 : 3 Available   

Aug. 18 : 3 Available                             Aug. 25 : 3 Available                     Sept. 1 : 3 Available

Sept. 8 : 3 Available                            Sept. 15 : 3 Available                   Sept. 22 : 3 Available

Sept. 29: 3 Available

All orders need to be placed a week in advance of the Sunday Service you would like them.  This list will be updated weekly.

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