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The information below pertains to a typical summer. It does not pertain to the summer of 2020.


Music at the Chapel

chapel choir 2.jpg
Chapel Choir

Members of the regular congregation, joined by musically-inclined friends and visitors, make up the Chapel Choir, which leads the congregation in hymns and offers other choral music to enhance worship. The choir rehearses at 8:30 on Sunday morning before the first service during the regular summer season.  Singers of all abilities are welcome to join the choir for the season, or for only the Sundays they are available.  The Choir participates in the entire first service, and leaves after singing an anthem near the beginning of the second service.

Other Music During Worship


The Chapel has an upright piano and a fifty rank Allen digital organ, played by musicians who accompany and direct the choir and the congregation for worship.  


On many Sundays, individual singers and instrumentalists also offer preludes and offertory music.  If you expect to have a talented guest or family member visiting your camp this summer who might be willing to take part in a service, please contact to discuss the possibility with the Chapel's Music Committee.



From time to time, special musical events take place at the Chapel, either with visiting musicians and musical groups, or with performers drawn from the Community.  Sign up for our e-mail list to make sure you learn about these events ahead of time.

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