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Remembering Loved Ones

The Chapel offers a number of ways to recognize the loss and commemorate the lives of people who have gone on before us.


Memorial services can be arranged at the Chapel.

On the second Sunday in August, the Chapel's Memorial Sunday recognizes people with a connection to the Chapel or the Big Moose community who have passed away over the past year.


Arrangements can be made for placing ashes in Memorial Woods across from the Chapel, with a commemoration on a plaque set in the stone, or giving them a resting place in the columbarium in the Memorial Woods site.  

Memorial plaques can be affixed to pews in the Chapel.

Flowers can be donated for Sunday services.

Bequests and stewardship campaign donations to the Chapel to help continue it ministries in memory of departed friends and family members, or as part of your family's regular plans for charitable giving, are gratefully received.

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