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At The Old Forge Library:

Big Moose summer resident, Charlie Kreitler.
Charles Kreitler Flier - lw edit (2) copy 2.jpg

Unplugged--Adirondack Style / Photographer's statement

The Adirondacks is a special place. We often equate that “specialness” to its mountains, lakes, and forests. But there is more than this scenic aspect that draws us here. It is an “unplugged” lifestyle that brings many of us back year after year. We come to stay in old camps or hotels, do puzzles, play cribbage or cards, tell stories, read real books, sing with friends, attend services at historic churches, make balsam pillows . . . the list goes on.


These 25 photos are my attempt to represent this “turn-of-the-century” view. The photos include old camps, hotels, fire towers and churches that all had a first construction in the early 1900’s or before; some of the hand-made furnishings, hardware, and art work found in these camps; and a few lake scenes taken from the old hotels. 


Technically, these photos were taken 2017-2019 with a DSLR camera and a variety of lenses. Most interior images were shot with a fish-eye lens and also done with HDR (high dynamic range) and no flash. Images were then manipulated in Photoshop for cropping, enhancing sharpness, colors, etc. to create the final photographs which have been printed on aluminum for a crisper, more color-saturated picture than if printed on traditional paper stock.