The Big Moose Community Chapel is an independent church, not affiliated with any other organization or denomination.  It operates under formal by-laws that may be amended from time to time by its membership, following procedures established in those by-laws.  Membership is open to anyone who is a permanent or temporary resident of the Big Moose area who has signed the Chapel’s Bond of Union or who has regularly worshipped at the Chapel, and who has regularly contributed to its financial support for at least one year.  All the work of the chapel, save that of the minister, music director/organist, and contractors who maintain chapel facilities, is done by members and other volunteers.


The Chapel’s affairs are managed by a Board of Trustees, headed by a President and Vice President selected from among the Trustees, along with a Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Clerk who may also be members of the Board of Trustees.  Trustees are elected for three year terms, and may serve up to three terms in succession.  Decisions are made majority rule, with a simple majority constituting a quorum.  An Executive Committee is empowered to act in place of the full Board when the urgency of a decision makes it impractical to put a matter to the full Board for consideration.


Most of the day-to-day work of the church is delegated to committees that operate according to a handbook that defines each committee’s authority and responsibilities and spells out standard operating procedures.  This handbook is revised and updated on an ongoing basis.


 Sara Burrows – President 

 Judy Bean – Vice-President 

 John View – Treasurer 

 Jerry Rutherford - Assistant Treasurer

Dan Conable - Clerk



Katy Beltz

Linda Bohrer Erion

Barbara Getty

Bill Locke

Terence McSweeney

Barbara Morgan

Joan Robinson

Phyllis Sanzone

Steve Schanely

Robert Scherfling

Dick Shore

Pat Sturges

Susan Taylor

Martha Widdicombe

Dick Williams

Craig Woods