We at Big Moose Community Chapel are blessed in many ways, and, in recognition of our membership in a larger, global community, we strive through our Community Outreach Program to share our blessings with others. The Outreach committee’s mission is to attend to the needs of our brothers and sisters; physically, spiritually or financially within resource constraints.

The committee guidelines for giving are:

  • As a general rule, local needs receive priority consideration.

  • Outreach contributions should make a difference to those receiving them.

  • Contributions should provide ongoing support for established outreach institutions (e.g. St. Anthony’s/St. Bartholomew’s Food Pantry, Community Transport or Hope House) or help an organization get started.

The budget for each year is one half of the plate offerings of the previous year.  If you would like to make an offering that would all go to our Outreach just write “Outreach Offering” on your check when you contribute it on Sunday.

Below is a list of some of the organizations which we have provided financial assistance. Additionally, the Chapel Community has provided assistance in the forms of product donations and physical labor services.

To read the Outreach Committee's 2020 report, please click this pdf icon

To read a thank you note from recipients of outreach funds, click this pdf icon