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To read the Outreach Committee's 2022 report, please click this pdf icon

Outreach Stories, 2022

Danielle and her three kids are living in their car. They have been offered a room at a shelter, but their experience has not been the best. Danielle was assaulted by someone who had a drug problem, and she needed to see a doctor to help with a cut on her arm, but she chose not to get the help. Her car has been her safe place. While she was at a local food kitchen recently, a doctor treated the injury and gave her the medicine she needs to ensure against infection. Her road to the next stage of her life is going to be tough, but she wants something more. She is seeking training and is constantly job hunting utilizing the services at a local agency. Consider your opportunity to help those in need. Your contribution will make people like Danielle’s life easier and safer. Thank you for your contributions. 

Betsy was a free spirit. She wandered the country on a plan to see as much as she could without any significant financial support. That ended one day when she was hurt in a traffic accident. She walked into a marked crosswalk, but a car did not stop. She was thrown more than 30 feet in the air and landed on her right side. Her recovery has taken her many months, but the doctors say she will be able to make a full recovery. But Betsy is not so sure. She feels that she continues to need home health aide assistance, but her insurance will run out shortly. Your support of agencies that help those at home with health-related issues makes a great impact on their lives. Please give generously so we can help these agencies in our community. 

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Jessie and Terence have been together for over 20 years. They have two kids, the first getting ready to head to college next year. The cost of each year of school will exceed $50,000.00, just what Terence makes each year. They are trying to figure out how to balance their budget. Food for teenagers can be a challenge, but they have found a few ways to get through each month. Their local food pantry doesn’t require a certain annual income, and a church has a separate pantry that helps out as well. Consider your opportunity to support individuals like Jessie and Terance. Every dollar you give helps to put good food in the hands of a family in need. Thank you for your support. Please give generously. 










We at Big Moose Community Chapel are blessed in many ways, and, in recognition of our membership in a larger, global community, we strive through our Community Outreach Program to share our blessings with others. The Outreach committee’s mission is to attend to the needs of our brothers and sisters; physically, spiritually or financially within resource constraints.

The committee guidelines for giving are:

  • As a general rule, local needs receive priority consideration.

  • Outreach contributions should make a difference to those receiving them.

  • Contributions should provide ongoing support for established outreach institutions (e.g. St. Anthony’s/St. Bartholomew’s Food Pantry, Community Transport or Hope House) or help an organization get started.

The budget for each year is one half of the plate offerings of the previous year.  If you would like to make an offering that would all go to our Outreach just write “Outreach Offering” on your check when you contribute it on Sunday.

Below is a list of some of the organizations which we have provided financial assistance. Additionally, the Chapel Community has provided assistance in the forms of product donations and physical labor services.

Tabitha waited in line at the pharmacy for her daughter’s medicine. She wasn’t sure what it would cost, but she only had a few dollars in her pocket. The clerk at the counter told her the price and she couldn’t believe it. The cost was over $150.00. She didn’t have half of that in her budget. She didn’t know what to do. A good samaritan reached over her shoulder and inserted his credit card into the card machine. Tabitha started to cry, but he said it was his honor to help her. Give generously so the BMCC Outreach Committee can help those in need. 
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