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Search Committee Members


Judy Bean

Utica, NY and Eagle Bay, NY

  • 40 year Eagle Bay summer resident

  • 30 year active member of Big Moose Community Chapel (BMCC)

  • Current Vice President BMCC Board of Trustees; Past President; Trustee

  • Served as Chair of Wedding, Bazaar, Outreach and Property Committees

             Judy brings her experience of searches for both the Chapel and her home church of New Hartford (NY) Presbyterian Church to this process and is a firm believer that an active church is a vital part of any community.


Bill Burrows

New Providence, NJ and Big Moose Lake

  • 40+ year member of Big Moose Community Chapel (BMCC)

  • Annual participant Balsam Cutting Crew

  • Contributing Photographer and Videographer for BMCC events

  • BMCC Annual Bazaar Volunteer

Bill loves vacationing and worshiping each year on the lake with family, friends and visitors. He is honored and pleased to collaborate with especially dedicated team members to shape the direction and future of Big Moose Community Chapel.

Dan headshot 2020.jpeg

Dan Conable 

West Hartford, CT and Twitchell Lake

  • 25 year active member Big Moose Community Chapel (BMCC)

  • Former BMCC Trustee

  • Past President and Vice President BMCC Board of Trustees; Currently serving as Clerk

  • 25 year active member of BMCC Choir

  • Past Chair of Buildings and Grounds Committee

Worshipping at the Chapel over the last twenty-five years has shaped Dan’s understanding of the Christian faith and how that faith challenges its followers to conduct themselves in this world.


Terry McSweeney

Saranac Lake, NY and Big Moose Lake

  • 40 year active member of Big Moose Community Chapel (BMCC)

  • BMCC Trustee and Choir Member

  • Chairperson of BMCC Music Committee

  • Volunteer in several BMCC activities

Terry is a 40+ year summer resident of Big Moose Lake, and he had the pleasure of seeing his daughter married and his two grandsons baptized at BMCC.  As he traveled around the country for work the chapel provided a constant spiritual blessing, helping him grow deeper in his faith.  Terry is privileged to be a member of the Search Committee and prays for strength and guidance


Joan M Robinson

Old Forge, NY 

  • Current Trustee and Choir Member of Big Moose Community Chapel (BMCC)

  • Active Participant in Balsam Bee and Annual Bazaar

  • Currently serving on Worship, Outreach and Wedding Committees

  • Serves as a Stephen Minister and is a participant in the Order of St. Luke

Joan expresses that for her it is a "joy" to be in summer fellowship, sing, and worship a Living Lord, in unity and harmony at Big Moose Community Chapel. All are welcome here.

She believes God's Holy Word is her GPS for daily living.

She has a favorite Scripture verse, Galatians, Chapter 5 verses 22-23;

"When you walk in the Spirit, bearing fruit, there is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control."


Miyako Schanely 

Eagle Bay, NY

  • 23 year active member of Big Moose Community Chapel (BMCC)

  • Active member of BMCC Choir

  • Balsam Bee Volunteer

For Miyako the Big Moose Community Chapel is a unique and treasured place and community of worship.  From the peaceful setting that inspires worship to the incredible bonds of the community that creates “Big Moose Magic” together, BMCC is a cherished part of her family’s lives.


If you wish to reach the search committee, please email Lorraine Schunck at

Lorraine B. Schunck 

Jamesville, NY and Big Moose Lake

  • 35 year active member of Big Moose Community Chapel (BMCC)

  • Former BMCC Trustee

  • Past President BMCC Board of Trustees

  • 35 year participant BMCC Bazaar (24 years as a Committee Chairperson)

  • Active member on the BMCC Wedding Committee; Balsam Cutting and Balsam Bee

            The Big Moose Community Chapel holds a very special place in Lorraine’s heart. For her, it is a venue of unique beauty and architecture where people of all faiths come together to worship during the summer season. The Chapel has an amazing ability to draw people in through fellowship, music and ministry. Lorraine was married at the Big Moose Community Chapel and it is one of the most memorable days of her life. Membership and participation in Big Moose Community Chapel life has offered Lorraine the opportunity to make new and lasting friendships for decades.

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